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What we like - Become a stargazer

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The spyglass developed by Galileo Galilei back in 1609 was a forerunner of today’s telescopes. He used it observe the moon and prove that it wasn’t flawlessly created by God, but was in fact rugged and dotted with craters. Here at Rutronik24, we have no ambitions to make similar discoveries. Outer space has now been so thoroughly explored that only space probes and professional observatories are capable of discovering something new.

The stars nonetheless remain immensely fascinating and it is fun to look out for shooting stars in the night sky. Meteor showers frequently enter the atmosphere, burn up, and provide a spectacular sight.  After a barren spell, we can expect several meteor showers from the end of April until mid-May: The first is the Lyrid meteor shower from the Lyra constellation and this will be followed by the Eta Aquarid meteor shower caused by debris from Halley’s Comet.

We will definitely be watching out for the shooting stars and working through our wish list (more sales, more sun, more vacations, more sea). If your list is as long as ours, we recommend the Omegon AC 90/1000 EQ-2 telescope as an entry-level model for stargazers. Thanks to a combination of two lenses, the refractor features an achromatic lens, correcting most color defects and largely eliminating annoying color fringes. With the Omegon AC90 you can see as far as Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn and make out individual details.

At the same time, the telescope not only gives you the opportunity to observe such details, but also capture them on camera with the optional adapter. Stability is guaranteed at all times by the height-adjustable tripod and EQ-2 mount, making it so user-friendly for beginners that even children can use it.

Curious? You can find out more e.g. on this website, where you can also order the telescope:,20277