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Second Automotive Congress to be held on September 18. and 19. in Pforzheim


The second Rutronik Automotive Congress will take place in Pforzheim on September 18. and 19. 2019. As last year, participants can expect top-class presentations from leading industry experts on the mobility of the future, current developments in electronics for vehicles and the latest component trends.

Battery charging instead of fueling, connectivity instead of cubic capacity, mobility instead of vehicle ownership, autonomous driving instead of driving oneself: Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are being blindsided by these kinds of rapid upheavals. Such developments are disruptive and bring with them enormous challenges, but also new opportunities.

The rise of electromobility, in particular, is changing the automobile electronics supplier industry. Lateral entrants and start-ups are penetrating the market with innovative products and new business models. New and supplemental partnerships are emerging and the demand for communication is on the rise.

This is exactly where the Rutronik Automotive Congress comes into play. On September 18. and 19., experts from the leading manufacturers of electronic assemblies and components will meet in Pforzheim to present a strategic view of the mobility of the future, discuss developments in vehicle electronics, and introduce the newest component trends.

Conference agenda highlights:

  • Erich Nickel, CEO of Schaeffler Paravan Technologie, will present Space Drive. This electronic steer-by-wire system is considered a key technology for autonomous driving and is currently proving itself on the racetrack.
  • Reinhard Prechler, Head of development for electrical systems at Audi, will present the technology in the new e-tron.
  • Robert Isele from BMW and presenters from OSRAM and Infineon will discuss the topic of light in detail

With the development of electric and hybrid drives, the rise in the electrification of vehicles, and the rapidly growing connectivity of the automobile, there is more going on than just technology advances. The entire design process is essentially being re-examined. Now it is all about gearing everything toward the complete solution.

With the founding of the Automotive Business Unit (ABU) in 2014, Rutronik realigned its focus to help companies not only to master these transformations, but also to benefit from them. Central to this goal is a concentration on modern and economic concepts that support the mobility of tomorrow.

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