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Say goodbye to blisters!

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Fall is here, wrapping nature in a colorful cloak of leaves. At the same time, the temperatures are still bearable – making it the perfect time of the year to go hiking and enjoy the glorious colors on display in our forests. So lace up those hiking boots and hit the trail!

Unfortunately the physical toll of choosing the wrong socks mostly falls at our feet in the truest sense of the word in the form of blisters.

A “high-tech” sock promises relief and as a little bonus it also brings a smile to our faces, because we may well associate many things with the concept of “high-tech” – but socks are not necessarily among them. Nonetheless, the sock is designed to provide protection against troublesome blisters by ensuring that the rubbing takes place between two different sock layers rather than between the sock and foot. The inner sock is made from soft, breathable Coolmax polyester, while the outer layer is made from robust Dryarn microfibers. Both layers are joined in a way that allows them to move against one another in order to prevent rubbing on the foot.

If that isn’t “high-tech” enough for you and if you also suffer from sweaty feat, you will also like the 251 percent higher breathability (according to a test conducted on the basis of ISO standard 9237). Four climate zones with micro-perforations on and under the foot ensure that the compressed, moist air is expelled with every step while fresh air flows in. The soft, stretch ribbed cuff simultaneously helps to increase the blood flow and is nonslip without constricting the foot or cutting into it.

Manufacturer Rywan is a specialist in “high-tech” socks and a supplier to the French skiing and mountain climbing schools. And if it’s good enough for Pyrenean mountain climbers, then it should also be good enough for a pleasant Sunday hike!

If you want to, order 'em e.g. at or directly at the manufacturer's website.