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Rutronik24 Is One of Keith & Koep’s Key Distribution Partners

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Keith & Koep specializes in embedded systems based on ARM architectures. As one of the leading suppliers in this field, the company offers its customers expertise and technical knowledge in the fields of electronics development, system integration, and the manufacture of complex electronic products.

With its "Trizeps" product family, Keith & Koep has launched the world's first ARM-based SOMs (system on a module). The idea implemented here was to make the recurring elements available in a standardized SODIMM form factor. The advantages of this system are that development periods can be significantly reduced and thus implemented more cost-effectively, and it's easy to upgrade to more up-to-date computer technologies. This idea has evolved into an international industry standard and is now used worldwide.

As a result of pioneering this technology, Keith & Koep has gained extensive experience. Some of the systems developed by Keith & Koep have been used for decades in industrial environments and can be found in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, automotive technology, medical technology, retail, and aerospace technology, among others. In order to achieve this and ensure that it will remain this way in the future, Keith & Koep exclusively uses high-quality electronic components that are constantly available over the long term.

As a reliable distribution partner for passive and active electronic components, this makes Rutronik24 an important part of Keith & Koep's current and future success, especially in times when the market for electronic components is becoming increasingly volatile.