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Rutronik presents XP™-Series by Nesscap

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Durable and top-performing even under adverse conditions: Nesscap’s new

XP™-series has been specially engineered for applications that operate over long durations in

environments with high temperature and humidity.

Under the 'Biased Humidity Test' conditions (2.7 V, 90% relative humidity, 60 °C), Nesscap's new XP™-seriesstands out with a significantly longer service life under direct current conditions in comparison with standardcells.XP™ products are offered at capacitance ranging from 3F to 50F with dimensions and electrical specificationsidentical to those of Nesscap's corresponding standard cells. The XP™-series features patented closure andcontact technology. All products have been extensively tested to ensure adherence to strict performance standardsand are compliant with RoHS, UL and REACH. The XP™-series is rated for temperatures between -40 °C and +65 °C and provides a long cycle stability for at least 500,000 charging / discharging cycles. (where you can also place orders directly):


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