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Rutronik presents high performance power modules from Sumida


Distributor Rutronik presents the new range of fully integrated power

modules from Sumida. Benefitting from the PSI² (Power Supply in Inductor) technology the inductors

achieve a very high efficiency and optimal packaging for thermal management.

The high performance inductors SPM 1004, SPM 1005 and SPM 1006 benefit from the new Sumida PSI² technology:As the maximum amount of magnetic material is used, they offer low loss and high efficiency. Overthe entire load range, the circuit topology allows less than 20mV under 3A load step. Furthermore the coil canuse thicker wire for lower resistive losses and higher efficiency. The magnetic material is thermally conductiveavoiding hot spots. The measured surface temperature is reduced by 11.5°C compared to a power modulewith an internal inductor under identical conditions. Electromagnetic shielding for the switching componentsreduces radiated EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

The integrated power module is fully tested and simplifies the end product design. It is qualified to IPC9592Bstandard, Class II. Small size and very low profile (3mm) packages reduce board space and allow higher densityapplications up to 1600W/cu in. All major components are internal to the module.

Fields of application are broadband and communications equipment, DSP and FPGA Point of Load applications,high density distributed power systems, automated PCI/PCI express/PXI express and automated test andmedical equipment.

You will find more information on Sumida PSI² on the e-commerce platform you can also place orders directly)

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