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Roses are red …

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Let flowers do the talking! Flower power pretty much works every time, whether you want to present a loved one with a gift or apologize for the fact that yesterday’s pub crawl got a little out of hand. What’s more – unlike other gifts – you can’t really go wrong with flowers.

Roses are especially suitable for virtually any occasion, from birthdays and golden wedding anniversaries to the TV show in which they are presented as a gift.

Unfortunately, cut flowers have a habit of wilting within a matter of days or weeks. They no longer look so good and can appear rather drab. And when they are left as entire plants, people with brown thumbs can easily finish off even the most resistant of plants. Fortunately, there is a brilliant solution to this problem, which even made it to the German version of the TV show Dragons Den: the Grace Flower Box.

The roses are carefully preserved immediately after harvesting and a gentle, ecologically sustainable process is then used to prepare them so that they remain fresh for between one and three years. And you don’t even have to water them. The Flower Box is available in different sizes for various occasions – from small and round to incredibly large. We have already given them to people as a gift and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

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