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Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG - 50 Years of Experience in Ultrasound Technology

  Newsletter Article

Founded in 1967, Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017 and can look back at a half century of experience in ultrasound technology.

As a manufacturer of ultrasound cleaning components  and ultrasound cleaning equipment, the company is a pioneer in the industry and its product depth has enabled it to set undisputed standards.

Whether pre-cleaning or ultra-fine cleaning, Walter Ultraschall delivers the right frequency for challenging surfaces. The company is confronted with constantly rising requirements in today's production standards and works together with suppliers and partners to develop customized solutions. 

Customers use its ultrasound equipment for circuit board cleaning, for example. Combining ultrasound frequencies with cleaning detergents ensures that liquids and soldering pastes are gently removed. Service and maintenance departments can also use its equipment to clean electronic devices and certain components.

In order to offer our customers qualitative and reliable solutions, Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG relies on a reliable and flexible distributor. Both our sales representatives and the internal sales team at Rutronik24 are always striving to jointly overcome the challenges they are faced with. That’s why we will continue our cooperation with Rutronik24 in the future and are confident that we have a forward-looking partner with high quality standards at our side.