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Lisa-Marie Hagmann began working at Rutronik24 on April 1, 2015. She works in the internal sales department and offers advice and support to small and medium-sized clients. She considers herself a consultant who completes her tasks as quickly as possible and wants to find the perfect solution for her client’s projects together with her clients.

1. What do you tell your friends when they ask what you do at Rutronik24?

I tell them that I process enquiries, prepare quotations and provide follow-up when a client is waiting for feedback in my role as personal point of contact for clients in my sales region. I'm also the first point of contact for new projects and together with the client I search for solutions to challenging situations. I work closely with field sales and even get assistance from the web shop staff.

2. Tell us a little about your career path to-date?

After completing my diploma in 2009 and spending some time studying abroad, I trained to become a hotel manager from 2010 to 2013 and was subsequently offered a position as a receptionist in the establishment where I trained. I started working as a sales rep at Rutronik24 on April 1, 2015, and have completed several training courses on my way to becoming a "Certified Rutronik Engineer". I also became a Member of the Trust Council in July 2016.

3. What biggest challenge do you face each day and what do you like most about your work?

The biggest challenge I face is dealing with everything on time and making sure quotations are sent out on the same day the enquiry comes in. I really like the day-to-day contact with my clients and the exchange of ideas with co-workers from my own department and others. Working in the Trust Council is lots of fun as well. Something else I really enjoy are company events like the St. Nicholas' Day Party, sports events and the Rutronik Rallye.

4. If I won a million Euros in the lottery, I would ... " an apartment, go travelling, invite mum on the shopping trip of a lifetime and fulfil all her other desires, like getting a gardener for her garden or buying new windows for her house. I would save the rest, like a typical Swabian.

5. When you have to deal with a difficult task what helps you focus?

I can concentrate best in silence. When I'm at home, I turn off the TV and radio, and my smart phone. At the office, I take a short break and grab some fresh air. That gives me new motivation.

6. What do you do in your spare time?

I cheer on my favorite football club VfB Stuttgart at their stadium, go to festivals and concerts or go on trips on my motorbike. If I really want to relax I do some crocheting.