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Donation: Rutronik hands over the proceeds of its Christmas party

Created by Sebastian Hör |   Corporate News

Rutronik’s Christmas party, held on December 6, 2017, raised 8068 euros for good causes. The proceeds have been shared between various organizations and were handed over to the recipients on February 1 by Susanne Stern, deputy manager of the marketing and communications department.

“The Rutronik Christmas party is now something of a tradition and we are delighted that it’s not just colleagues and their families who celebrate with us every year, but also employees from neighboring companies as well as our manufacturers. It is now also customary for Rutronik to donate the proceeds from the party to organizations that do good work in the region and make a contribution to bringing society closer together,” explained Stern as the checks were handed over.

Öschelbronn Hospital, Lebenshilfe Pforzheim-Enzkreis (an association for people with learning disabilities), Winterrain SBBZ (a school in Ispringen for people with special educational needs), and German Cancer Aid each received 2017 euros. The Sterneninsel hospice charity was also given a special donation of 500 euros.

More than 800 guests attended the party on December 6 to mark the beginning of the Christmas period. Rutronik employees took care of the hospitality and around 30 business partners also helped to make the Christmas party a success in various ways. A total of 8086 euros were raised in the end. “At Christmas in particular, it is important to remember those who are less fortunate than us. These people need our support. And we as a company are happy to help every year. It is a matter close to my heart in particular as well as the hearts of all of our employees,” explained Thomas Rudel, CEO of the company.

From left: Susanne Stern (Deputy Head of Marketing-Kommunikation at Rutronik), Andreas Schlabach (Principal of Sonderpädagogisches Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum am Winterrain Ispringen), Dirk Zeuchner (Managing Director of Lebenshilfe Pforzheim-Enzkreis), Sybille Czika und Marina Faas (Nursing Care Manager, Fundraising Manager, both Clinic Öschelbronn), Christine Pfrommer (Sterneninsel e.V.), Tatjana Brunner (Marketing-Kommunikation at Rutronik)