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Commeo & Rutronik24: Energy Storage Systems for the Future

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When manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, it is not just the re-liability and safety of the actual batteries that play a key role: A healthy and reliable supplier relationship is critical to guaran-tee a smooth production process. Commeo can rely on its strong trade partner Rutronik24 for the delivery of required cells and electronic components.

Commeo GmbH is a specialist for individually designed solutions in the energy storage sector and one of the few companies in Germany to develop its own battery storage modules. In doing so, Commeo places great emphasis on high energy density, a unique and cutting-edge battery management system, and innovative heat management. The so-called energy storage block is used in a wide array of industries due to its standardized design.

A typical application is the temporary bridging of power outages at machines and industrial plants. "In Germany alone there are roughly 300,000 machines built each year which could do with this type of bridging solution despite our excellent network coverage," says company founder and managing director Michael Schnakenberg when explaining the application of an uninterruptible power supply in the industrial field. The energy storage blocks are additionally used in the IT and telecommunications sector or even as turn-key large battery storage systems for grid regulation.

Founded as a start-up at the InnovationsCentrum Osnabrück, Commeo relocated to Wallenhorst after three years of development work to commence manufacturing energy storage blocks. To achieve this goal, the company cooperates with established switchgear and electronic firms and identified Rutronik as a reliable and strong trade partner.

Due to the number of components in the energy storage module, avoiding supply bottlenecks is "absolutely essential for Commeo," claims Schnakenberg. Rutronik is able to keep large amounts of material available and enables Commeo ultra-fast response times when needed. German engineering skills are therefore leading the way in developing tomorrow's energy storage systems.

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