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Büchel and Rutronik24 LED lamps for Anything on Wheels

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Büchel was established in 1920 by the brothers Hugo and Karl Büchel in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, and is run today by Erhard Büchel, of the second generation of the Büchel family.

The core business of Büchel Fahrzeugteilefabrik GmbH & Co. KG lies in wheel technology, from lighting systems to luggage holders to wheel rims and other accessories for the bicycle industry. Büchel also manufactures parts for the automotive industry, as well as high-grade plastic components and units for electrical devices, consumer goods and medical equipment. The company presently has ten production sites in Germany, Belgium, China and India.

Since 2013, Rutronik24 has been supporting Büchel in the development, prototyping and supply of components related to LED wheel lighting and to LED lighting of trucks and agricultural vehicles. LEDs from OSRAM are used in most of the vehicle and bicycle lighting applications developed by Büchel, for instance in the new 100 lux rechargeable "Sky Valley" LED headlight and the 150 lux "High Beam" e-bike headlight.

With a high light output of 100 and 150 lux respectively, these headlights offer perfect lighting while riding in public, ensuring good visibility in the midst of the traffic. The LED technology used in the headlights also ensure long service lives and reduced energy consumption compared to halogen lamps. The integrated lithium-ion battery of the "Sky Valley" products eliminates the bothersome need to replace disposable batteries, which is kind to both the environment and to the wallet.

Other innovations, such as a self-dimming headlight, which uses a light sensor to always supply the necessary amount of light while preventing unnecessary wastage of energy, are only a small port of Büchel's portfolio.

Büchel has found reliable and trustworthy partners in Rutronik24 and OSRAM, capable of supplying the high volumes needed by Büchel and delivering the required electronic components. Rutronik24 is also always available for questions regarding development and component procurement, offers all the help it can, if necessary in conjunction with the manufacturer.


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