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Be your own barista!

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Of course, during this hard time, life takes place for the most part within your own four walls. For the lucky ones among us who can leave the house, a walk in the park or a small bicycle tour through the forest are welcome distractions. For those who would like to make a short stop for a real barista espresso, we have an elegant solution here.

The Nanopresso - a portable espresso machine, just the size of a beverage can. So you can enjoy a fresh espresso shot anywhere - even if you are out and about in nature all by yourself, for example. The Nanopresso does not require any electricity or batteries: With a manually operated pump system a maximum stable pressure of 18 bar (!) can be built up for the extraction. So you get a top quality espresso with a wonderful crema.

The ground coffee is in a filter basket in the Nanopresso, now all you need is some hot water. Either simply from a thermos flask or even more elegantly: from the separately available Nanovessel, which can be mounted directly onto the Nanopresso and thus serves as an insulated hot water tank. If you already own a capsule machine at home, the Nespresso adapter is certainly an interesting accessory for you. The Nanopresso is available in classic black or in one of four designs illustrated by the French artist SteF: the special edition "Nanopresso Journey". Enjoy the taste!