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Apprentice and Prac Student Christmas Party 2017

Created by Cecina Ockernahl, Alica Müller and Pierre Weissheimer |   Trainee Blog

This year's Christmas party for apprentices and practical students took place on Tuesday December 12, 2017.

Full of excitement to see each other again, we met at the City Bowling in Pforzheim at 6 p.m. and ordered ourselves a round of drinks.
Altogether there were around 25 of us apprentices and practical students, and we split up into groups of up to five people across five lanes. We then played multiple games of bowling.
There were strikes, spares, and the occasional gutter ball or two, but most important for us was having fun and being together.

Afterward, we headed over to the Lehners tavern a little worn out, though still in a good mood. There we sat together in comfort and ate a delicious meal. After eating we were able to talk to each other in peace and learn some more about each other's chosen training programs. We finished off this pleasant evening with some amusing conversations.

We would like to heartily thank Ms. Kolem and Ms. Schmid for the fantastic planning and a nice, successful evening - and, of course, Rutronik too for making such endeavors possible.