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An all-round success

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Whether handbags, rucksacks, or briefcases, bags accompany us throughout our everyday lives. We use them to transport everything from food and electrical devices to cosmetics. It’s no wonder, therefore, that they gather considerable quantities of dirt over time.

Anyone who's cleaned out their bag after a few weeks or months of use will know it can be quite a revolting task. As well as crumbs and fluff, you can easily come across a whole host of long-forgotten items - dried-out ballpoint pens, empty bottles of hand sanitizer, etc., etc., etc.

It's not pleasant. But what can you do about it, apart from taking the trouble to clean your bag thoroughly every day? And let's be honest: Who can be bothered with that after a hard day at work? Precisely.

Luckily, someone has come up with a practical solution: the Sauberkugel. As you carry it around in your bag, this dirt-collecting ball gathers up pieces of fluff, lint, left-over bits of tobacco, breadcrumbs, and grains of sand. It's made of various recyclable forms of silicone to which dirt sticks easily, and the materials used mean it's not only 100% recyclable but also reusable. Simply run it under hot water or stick it in the washing machine with your laundry - and the Sauberkugel is ready to use again.

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