CW44 - Bosch Sensortec BMI323

10/31/2022 Product News

Combining a precise accelerometer and a self-calibrating gyroscope the new Inertial Measurement Unit is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as notebooks, tablets, toys and gadgets, and wearables. The BMI323 has significantly improved performance due to its low power-consumption and low-noise in a small package. It is an easy-to-use sensor due to integrated features and configurable power modes.

The BMI323 is a general purpose, low-power Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that combines precise acceleration and angular rate (gyroscopic) measurement with intelligent on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features. The 6-axis IMU comprises a 16-bit triaxial gyroscope, a 16-bit triaxial accelerpmeter, and a 16-bit digital temperature sensor in a miniature 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.83mm3 (14-pin) LGA package.

BMI323 targets fast and accurate inertial sensing in all applications. It is an easy-to-use IMU with an integrated feature set.
The sensor features a self-calibrating gyroscope using motionless CRT (component re-trimming) functionality to compensate MEMS typical soldering drifts, ensuring post- soldering sensitivity errors down to + 0.7%.
BMI323 includes embedded gesture and activity recognition with an integrated plug-and-play step counter/detector, which is optimized for accurate step counting in wrist-worn devices. The IMU is well-suited for other types of wearable devices, such as hearables or smart fitness trackers and for other mobile devices.

Target Applications

Main Benefits

Notebook and tablets

Successor of BMI160 with improved performance to address new use cases

Toys and gadget

Integrated feature set for easy use for various applications

Game controllers and smart remote controls

Low current consumption & power mode configuration for continuous use