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Christmas Party 2017 - The apprentices' and practical students' waffle stand

Created by Selina Geiger |   Trainee Blog

After hard preliminary meetings and energetic discussions among the helpers, one thing was clear: there were to be waffles, roasted almonds, cookies, and bags of candy. We quickly reached agreement on what to put on the waffles too. After figuring out what we needed for the waffle dough and baking the waffles, including mixers, bowls, and ladles, we could lean back as most of the equipment from last year was still there. This year we even specially ordered new waffle irons to ensure we had top waffle quality.

The next step now was to go out and buy the ingredients. Two supervisors who were on shift made themselves available for the task. A company car was booked, the shopping list printed out, and we headed off. After three hours and much back and forth in Kaufland, our shopping cart slowly filled up and our shopping list got smaller and smaller. Thanks to the energetic warehouse management skills of our marketing and communications division, we quickly emptied the car and put our ingredients away.

This meant that the preparations were done and we could get started. The first shift put themselves to work at 3.30 p.m. and produced three bowls of waffle dough. One hour later everything was in motion - we had three waffle irons operating right from the start, each sorely needed due to our popularity. We quickly developed a tactic to sell as many waffles as possible. After a quick briefing and handover of the waffle stand, the second shift got to work and they also soon developed a strategy to guarantee smooth waffle production.

Using good techniques, we were able to satisfy everyone's hunger for waffles, no matter great or small, and had a lot of fun too.

After nine o'clock we swiftly emptied our little hut and cleaned it all dutifully. Although it seemed futile at the start to try and get the waffle irons back into a usable state (waffle dough is sticky and loves to bake on), in the end we managed to scrub everything into a completely clean condition.

I'd like to conclude by thanking everyone who helped contribute to a cheerful waffle baking session. With a team like this, I'd be happy to do it every year!