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Carnal Desire - The SteakChamp Thermometer

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Intelligent Steak Thermometer

Perfection is hard to achieve - in any walk of life. And steak is no different: Some like their steak rare, some like it medium while others will only have a steak on their plate when it is well done. It is certainly no easy task identifying when to take a steak out of the pan or off the grill. If you wait too long, lovers of blood-red steaks will be displeased. And if you fail to cook it long enough, devotees of a well-done piece of meat will turn their noses up in disgust. A meat thermometer is a convenient way of ensuring your meats are cooked for the correct amount of time. But it only measures the temperature at the tip, in other words only at one point. Unfortunately, as the steak continues to "cook" your lovely pink-colored steak can quickly become almost well done.

The SteakChamp is therefore the ideal gadget to help protect your reputation as a passionate hobby cook and to serve your guests a truly perfect steak every time: The intelligent thermometer measures the temperature inside the meat along large parts of the metal probe and even takes into account that every steak continues to cook inside for a while after being removed from the heat. And in contrast to standard steak thermometers, the SteakChamp can also be used on the grill to prepare steaks at very high temperatures. Simply insert the clever helper sideways into the meat and prepare the steak as usual. A 3-color LED shows three degrees of doneness: Green for medium rare, yellow for medium, and red for well done. After reaching the desired degree of doneness, remove the steak from the heat and let it rest until the flash signal stops. Now you can serve it.

The SteakChamp is also suitable for game, duck breast, and fish. The probe is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, the electronics is designed for 1,000 measurements. The rugged housing is heat resistant up to 500°C and weighs roughly 16 g.

We hope you have lots of fun cooking!