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As an owner-managed, family-run company, we have been successfully active on the market since 1985 as a service provider specializing in electronic printed circuit boards.

Our range of services includes providing expert advice, procuring and trading individual components, and mastering all standard technologies (including THT and SMT, wave and selective soldering, and manual soldering) and product-specific special processes for printed circuit board assembly. We are certified in accordance with various DIN standards, including "DIN EN ISO 9001 - quality management system" and "DIN EN ISO 13485 - medical technology." We value close, direct, and straightforward customer contact.

Our customers come from various sectors, such as the automotive industry, aerospace, solar, and energy. We specialize in one particular area thanks to our ISO-certified quality in the field of medical technology. Our certified supply chain ensures that the printed circuit board is given the necessary UL certification so that it can also be sold in the North American region.

We are on hand to assist our customers with prototype production, small-scale production, and mass production. When it comes to mass production, we can also rely on specialist partner companies in the Asian region to optimize costs. Quality assurance in Germany guarantees consistently high quality.

A very high level of test coverage can also be achieved by means of in-circuit tests and functional tests, thereby ensuring that the manufactured components function reliably.

ALPHA-LAYTRON GmbH provides the following services:



Test concept

Material management



After-sales service

Development of hardware and software for electronic components, devices, and systems

Customer-specific design of PCBs, components, devices, and systems

Development of test concepts based on processes that determine quality and reliability

Controls the procurement process and the supply of the production operation with the necessary parts and materials

Production of the ordered PCBs within a specified time frame and quality framework

Organization, management, and handling of all material and goods flows, including the delivery of the ordered quantities at the confirmed time

Comprehensive after-sales services and during the lifetime of the product


Areas covered by ALPHA-LAYTRON GmbH

In addition, we have already fulfilled a number of special requests for our customers, including:

  • The procurement and assembly of StarFlex PCBs
  • The coating of PCBs using the immersion method, for example
  • Assembly of 5 mm aluminum PCBs

ALPHA-LAYTRON values the cooperation with Rutronik24 because the technically adept and well-trained employees can generate added value for both companies.