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All the information at a glance: Rutronik presents extensive information website about powerful Supercaps

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“Supercaps can revolutionize the energy storage world,” says Professor Mirko Bodach from the electrical engineering and renewable energy faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has recognized the potential of supercaps for its customers and created an overview detailing possible applications as well as the features and benefits of the supercaps.


There are battery-powered applications in many market segments. Batteries are used in the automotive sector, in the field of e-mobility, in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and in many other fields. Here, the requirements in relation to power and service life are very high. This is where supercaps, also known as ultracaps or EDLCs, come into play. They have several advantages over conventional lithium-ion batteries; among other things, they are more powerful and have a longer service life.
Rutronik’s product management team and field application engineers can provide comprehensive advice on possible applications, starting from the project planning stage through to its completion. In addition, the distributor has a wide range of supercaps in its portfolio, which can also be ordered online from its Rutronik24 e-commerce platform.

All the information at a glance
Rutronik has created a special platform with its Nesscap landing page - an initial place to go for those interested in the products. Customers can visit it to read technical data and get extensive information on fields of application and how they work. For those who are interested in the details, the site also features an in-depth interview with Professor Bodach, in which, among other things, he talks about the market situation, future possibilities for the technology, and how it physically works. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to get in touch with the product specialists at Rutronik.