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TDK-Micronas, a TDK group company, is a German leading supplier of magnetic hall sensors.

TDK-Micronas has pioneered CMOS based hall-effect sensors and can draw on more than 30 years' automotive experience.

We serve all major automotive electronics customers worldwide, many of them in long-term partnerships for lasting success, thanks to our high product quality and strong technical support.

TDK-Micronas offers the world’s broadest range of Hall-effect sensors for different parameters like position, pressure, speed, level and current.

Our all-in-one single-chip motor control solution based on an ARM7TDMI® CPU core, serves brushed, brushless and stepper motor control (sensored or sensorless) with high performance and optimized system efficiency.

Product news

HAC 37xy Hall-effect sensor

The HAC 37xy Hall-effect sensor offers high-precision angle and linear position measurement in a TO92UF leaded package with integrated capacitors for demanding automotive and industrial applications.

Products by Application

Chassis and Safety

Requirements are driving the trends towards higher safety integration

Steering Motor – BLCD Motor
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Breaking Pedal
HAL 15xy 2-wire / HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Steering Torque
HAL 835 / HAL 283xHAR 24xy

Chassis position sensor
HAL 3715

Steering Angle
HAL 3735

Body and Comfort

Important electrification trend in the vehicle body compartment

Sun Roof
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Window Lift
HAL 15xy 3-wire

Door Lock
HAL 15xy 2-wire

Door Handle
HVC 4223F

Buckle Switch
HAL 15xy 2-wire

Adaptive Headlights and LED Fan
HAL 1002HAL 15xy 3-wire / HAL 37xy / HVC 4223F

HAL 15xy 2-wire / HVC 4223F

Blower and Flap Control - AGM
HVC 4223F

HAL 15xy 2-wire

Seat - Climate Control
HVC 4223F


Increased demand for high energy efficiency and CO2 reduction

Active Pedal - Clutch: 
HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Active Pedal - Acceleration: 
HAL 830 / HAL 2420 / HAR 24xy

Powertrain Valves - Throttle: 
HAC 830 / HAL 2425HAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Powertrain Valves – EGR: 
HAC 830 / HAL 37xy

Powertrain Valves – Thermal Valves:
HAL 37xy / HVC 4223F

Battery Management: 
HAL 2425 / HAR 24xy

Gear Position: 
HAL 186x / HAL 85x / HAL 24xy

Water / oil pumps – BLCD Motor: 
HAL 15xy 2-wireHVC 4223F

Liquid Level: 
HAL 85x / HAL 2425 / HAL 37xy

Shift Lever Position: 
HAL 15xy 3-wireHAL 37xy / HAR 37xy

Turbo Charger: 
HAC 830 / HAL 2425 / HAL 37xy

Product selection guide

Linear & 3D Hall selection guide

Hall Switch selection guide

Embedded Controller

HVC 4223F

Flex Servo-Drive for Direct Control of Electric Motors (Stepper / BLDC / BDC)

  • Enables cost-effective realization of powerful and compact DC motor control
  • Economically addresses growing challenges in the automotive market and beyond (industrial, consumer, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Powered by a 32-bit CPU core (ARM® Cortex®-M3) and integrating high-performance analog functions
  • Flexible peripherals provide all means to directly control brush-type, stepper (bipolar or three phase), or brushless direct current (BLDC) motors via integrated high-performance half-bridges without the need for external components

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