Extremely simple operation, rapid and secure.
Inventory management by smartphone

As a customer of Rutronik, you can easily and effectively manage your consignment stock with the help of a smartphone. With the app "smartCONSI" you scan the labels of the products you take.

Manage your inventory with the tip of your finger.

With your smartphone you can now manage your consignment stock quickly and simply. The "smartConsi" app makes your work easier, optimises handling and improves nancial control - let us take care of your inventory management.

How it's done:

1. Consignment requisition

  • Choose article - scan barcode
  • Direct link with Rutronik IT system
  • Charge is automatically withdrawn

2. Incoming consignment stock

  • Confirmation of incoming goods into consignment stock
  • Increased inventory security
  • Can be automatically booked by Rutronik upon agreement


3. Reverse consignment requisition

To err is human. If needed, a quick cancellation of a withdrawal posting is possible.


4. Inventory information

  • Article information by scanning
  • Level of available inventory
  • List of latest additions and removals

5. Traceability

Additional article information and the relevant consignment for complete traceability

Your advantages:


When there is a lack of network availability, bookings are buffered and transmitted when the network connection is restored


All bookings can be sent to you simultaneously via e-mail or EDI if required. You can then automatically fully process them in your system


Increases process quality, as it is impossible to make wrong entries


Requested processes are automatically completed by the system


No installation cost for the customer, a smartphone is all you need. Reduces expenditure for entering additional bookings and withdrawals - especially when it comes to C parts

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