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RUTRONIK SMART is a new range of bundled hardware, software and services, bringing together entire solutions, consisting of selected Sensors, Wireless Components, Microcontrollers, Power Management and Safety Solutions for devices on the Internet of Things. The featured products are optimized for the typical requirements like space limitations, ultra-low power and offer a high level of integration.

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RUTRONIK SMART provides specific support to manufacturers of devices with focus on smaller and often portable devices in seven different market areas.

SMART Highlights

Suddenly, more and more devices come only in pairs, accompanied by the little word "smart." Smart home, smart TV, SmartWatch, SmartGlass - and now RUTRONIK SMART. Rutronik is the distributor with the right components and the best solutions for all of these applications.


The perfect symbiosis for environmental sensing, data processing, wireless internet connectivity and high efficient power supply.

Make your application SMART by connecting it wirelessly to the Internet of Things. RUTRONIK SMART has the newest solutions for using a smartphone, WiFi access point or a mobile communication network as gateway for your device. Our understanding of the right wireless solution covers hardware, transmission protocol, application profiles, security aspects, certifications, long- term considerations as well as political aspects regarding standards, compatiblity and consortia.

SMART applications very often collect environmental data. RUTRONIK SMART has a wide range of sensors from which to choose. The sensor portfolio includes magnetic, optical and MEMS sensors, e.g. from market and innovation leaders Bosch Sensortec and STMicroelectronics. So called application specific sensor nodes (ASSNs) running a fusion software combine different sensor types in a single package with up to nine degrees of freedom (DoF). With this portfolio and our sensor expertise, RUTRONIK SMART offers you the optimum solution for your application.



The Heart of SMART. Present in all kind of consumer goods and industrial devices, Microcontrollers embedd more and more powerful peripherals. They keep SMART applications running, receive environmental sensor data, process, transmit it or interact through a human machine interface (HMI) with users. Whether ARM Cortex, proprietary cores or ASICs, 8-, 16- or 32-bit, our broad portfolio covers all components.

The right security for the Internet of Things (IOT)

By adding state-of-the-art cryptography you can make your application secure in regard to the 3 main aspects: Authentication, Integrity and Confidentiality. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers frequently new opportunities and the possibilities are endless as new business and service models emerge. The more data and information we share and store, the greater the risk of theft and manipulation. Therefore Security is a top priority in the Internet of Things (IoT) World.

SECURITY Solutions from Rutronik protect data and information against theft and misuse.




We organise seminars, webinars and a technical expert forum that equip you with theoretical principles and practical solutions.

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