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Intel®, well known for processors & chipsets, a market leader in many application fields and one of the most innovative companies, brings things together that formerly were existing in different worlds.

These things, that needs to get connected to each other or to be able to transfer date through networks to cloud servers for generating new values out of its data, can now be based on Intel® technology from the sensor node over all steps up to the cloud server.

Intel®, not only a chip manufacturer, it’s a provider of ideas, visions and new innovative technologies, that leads us into the world of IoT, Cloud Computing and its Big Data.

Please check the Intel® portfolio of solutions for each single step in the data processing cue, from sensors over gateways to servers, from single bits to the thousands of terrabytes in the world of Big Data. If you need to process and calculate data, if you need to transfer data or if you need fast and reliable storage space for it, Intel® is the provider of the technologies, you are looking for.

Intel® by the Numbers

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Featured Products

Intel® Joule™

The Intel® Joule™ module features high-end computing, graphics and large memory in a tiny, low-power package, making it an ideal platform for innovative IoT edge computing applications and products requiring advanced computer vision.

Intel® RealSense™

Intel® RealSense™ camera fits remarkable technology into a small package. There are three cameras that act like one-a 1080p HD camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector-allowing them to like the human eye to sense depth and track human motion.

Edison Development Platform

Edison Development Platform

The Intel® Edison development platform is designed to lower the barriers to entry for a range of inventors, entrepreneurs, and consumer product designers to rapidly prototype and produce “Internet of Things” (IoT) and wearable computing products.

Galileo Gen 2 Development Board

The 2nd generation Intel® Galileo board provides a single board controller for the maker community, students, and professional developers. Based on the Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000, a 32-bit Intel® Pentium® processor-class system on a chip (SoC), the genuine Intel® processor and native I/O capabilities of the Intel Galileo board (Gen 2) provide a full-featured off ering for a wide range of applications.

Intel® NUC Products

The Intel® NUC Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC into a pint-sized package so that you can work, play, create, entertain, and inspire in any room. The Intel® NUC kit includes a customizable board and chassis that are ready to accept the memory, hard drive, and operating system of your choice.

Solid State Drive E 5400s Series

Experience the exceptional performance of the Intel SSD E 5400s Series. Available in densities ranging from 48GB to 180GB, the E 5400s Series offers a low power solution for excellent durability, lasting integrity, sercurity features, manageability, and performance features across a variety of applications.

Solid State Drive E 5410s Series

Experience the exceptional performance of the Intel Solid State Drive E 5410s Series. Available in 80GB and 120GB, the Intel SSD E 5410s Series offers excellent durability, lasting integrity, security, and performance features across a variety of applications.

Server Board S1200SP

Small businesses need a robust and cost effective server that can scale as they grow. The Intel Server Board S1200SP Product Family meets this need in a pedestal or rack system that scales via SATA and PCIe expansion options for increased storage, functionality or faster networking speed.


Product range

  • Processors

    Processors / CPU

  • Accessories

    LAN-Cards & Raid-Controllers & Phi™ processor & RealSense

  • Bordlevel Products

    NUC Mainboards / Server & Workstation Mainboards & Joule™

  • Embedded Systems

    NUC Systems / Server Barebones / Compute Stick

  • SSD

    Solid State Disk Flashdrives

  • Wireless Modules

    Wireless LAN / Bluetooth Modules

  • Quark MCU

    Quark Microcontrollers

  • MAC/PHY etc.

    Network Chips / Lantiq


Processors / CPU

Intel® processors offer a wide range of performance and can be used in uncountable different applications. From the Intel® ATOM™ processors for entry level applications like gateways, simple automation controllers or HMIs over the multicore & multithread processors from the Intel® Core i™ processor families up to the latest server processors from the Intel® Xeon™ series, a wide range of different solutions offers always the best fit and a huge scalability.

If the application needs less power consumption at an average performance level with even a good graphics performance, an Intel® ATOM™ processor can be used to build up entry level to midrange solutions.

When an application needs higher performance, Intel® Core i™ processors can be the best fit with its outstanding integrated graphics core, the ability to use the latest DDR4 memory technology and high speed I/O, like PCIe 3.0, SATA 3.0 or USB 3.0. Combined with the related chipsets, Intel® Core i™ processors can be used in many applications and with the right pair of processor and chipset, Intel® offers as well ground-breaking remote administration technologies, such as Intel® AMT & Intel® vPro™ Technology.

A lot of technologies for the world of Cloud Computing and Big Data are combined in the Intel® Xeon™ processors which are for different use cases. With the Intel® Xeon™ E3 processors for entry level servers or workstations, Intel® offers a solution at a price level, that allows the usage in simple industrial applications with demand for ECC memory and server management over IPMI. It offers as well a good solution for medical workstations and critical applications. For workstations and servers with up to two sockets per system, the Intel® Xeon™ E5 processors offer much more cores per socket, a much broader memory interface and enlarges a lot of former bottlenecks. With up to 22 cores per socket and Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, in a two socket system, impressively 88 threads can run at the same time. With up to 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes per socket, at a dual socket board the Intel® Xeon™ E5 processors can be combined with Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor cards to build up a High Performance Computing system for Cloud services and the world of Big Data. On top the Intel® Xeon™ E7 processors for systems with up to 8 sockets enables system builders to integrate processing performance at the edge. With up to 24 cores and 48 threads per socket, an impressive number of 384 threads can run at the same time at just one machine. This enables opportunities for massive parallel computing or even the partitioning of systems for many different operating system instances running virtualized in parallel. Therefor Intel® offers with the Xeon™ processors also technologies in hardware that makes virtualization more efficient, like Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x), Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) and Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT).

Rounded up with Intel® Data Protection Technologies, like Intel® AES New Instructions and Secure Key, as well as Intel® Platform Protection Technologies, like OS Guard, Trusted Execution Technology and Execution Disable Bit, Intel® implemented as well state of the art security features to take care of the demand in secure data processing for the whole world of IoT.


LAN-Cards & Raid-Controllers & Phi™ processor & RealSense

To cover the needs for a state of the art system solution, sometimes it’s necessary to implement add-on cards in the system design. With such accessories Intel® offers the possibility to extend the number of available Ethernet ports as well as the number and features of available storage ports.

With Intel® Ethernet Adapters for different use cases the field of possible designs is huge. From the entry level with Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter up to the latest technologies at the Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapters, a broad range of solutions is available. With the support for SMF cabling and a range of up to 10km, Intel® network adapters stand always for the edge of technology and sets standards in the market.

Another state of the art technology is Intel® QuickAssist that provides crypto-acceleration and compression acceleration with support for IPsec & SSL in hardware to assist with the performance demands of securing and routing Internet traffic and other workloads such as compression and wireless 3G/4G LTE algorithm offload, thereby reserving processor cycles for application and control processing. With Intel® QuickAssist adapters for the PCIe 3.0 bus, Intel® offers solutions for the IoT network security.

When it comes to Cloud Computing and Big Data, a lot of data has to be stored. To extend capacity, availability and reliability of storage solutions, Intel® RAID Controllers set standards for additional controller cards to build RAID arrays up to level 6 or 60. With BBU batteries and up to 8 ports SAS/SATA ports, these PCIe 3.0 controllers, combined with the latest sever chipsets and Intel® XEON™ processors, this combination is giving the best hosting throughput for cloud systems.

For massive data processing in parallel threads for Big Data analysis and calculation, Intel® offers High-Performance-Computing adapters, based on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors. With these add on cards for the PCIe 3.0 bus, it gives the additional level of performance for getting results faster.

The Intel® RealSense™ camera combines a conventional camera, an infrared laser projector, an infrared camera and a microphone array. The infrared projector projects an infrared grid onto the scene and the included infrared camera records the reflection on surfaces to compute the depth information and combine it with the recorded 2D camera record. With the integrated microphone array it’s possible to localize sound sources in the space and perform background noise cancellation. This technology extends the Intel® Processor based systems with the possibilities for facial analysis, hand & finger tracking, sound processing and augmented reality.

Bordlevel Products

NUC Mainboards / Server & Workstation Mainboards & Joule™

As a Technology leader, Intel® develops and define form factors for the IT, like mainboard form factors, such as the well-known ATX standard or the NUC form factor. Based on their own combined Technologies for chipsets, processors, peripherals and interfaces, Intel® offers as well complete board solutions, often used as reference platforms and benchmarking & guiding products for the market. Rounded up with the new maker boards and modules, like Edison and Joule™, the portfolio targets many applications.

Servers, Workstations and Thin-clients can be built up with board solutions from Intel®. For the server market, there are single socket & dual socket boards available and additional as well some NUC boards can be used in custom applications.

The new Intel® Joule™ module features high-end compute and graphics and a large memory in a tiny, low-power package, making it an ideal platform for innovative IoT edge compute applications as well as products requiring advanced computer vision like robotics

drones, industrial machine vision as well as IoT and demanding edge computing. The platform is supported by a vast software and hardware ecosystem, enabling developers to choose from multiple operating systems and take advantage of off-the-shelf libraries and


peripherals to further accelerate development. Therefore, faster time-to-market and lower development and certification cost are guaranteed.

Embedded Systems

NUC Systems / Server Barebones / Compute Stick

The Intel® NUC Mini PC re-imagines the desktop PC into a pint-sized package so that you can work, play, create, entertain, and inspire in any room. The Intel® NUC kit includes a customizable board and chassis that are ready to accept the memory, hard drive, and operating system of your choice.

The IntelR Compute Stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum that can transform any HDMI-TV or display into a complete computer. Available with a range of IntelR processors, it’s everything you love about a desktop computer in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Amazing meets affordable. The IntelR Compute Stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum that can transform any HDMI-TV or display into a complete computer. But it's what's inside that's really incredible: a quad-core IntelR Atom™ processor that gives you balanced performance for work or play. The IntelR Compute Stick delivers an affordable plug and play PC in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.


Solid State Disk Flashdrives

When it comes to Big Data and Storage Solutions, Intel® is offering as well a broad range of high performant SSDs for reliable data retention and fast Interfaces.

The focus on the PCIe 3.0 Interface with NVME and AES encryption with 256bit offers a lot of different solutions for the Embedded Market and Data Centers.

From the small form factor M.2 SSDs over the common 2,5” drives with SATA III or U2 interface to the PCIe 3.0 HHHL AIC cards, Intel® covers with the available products the broadest range of applications for consumers, professionals, enterprise and embedded users.

The enhanced serutiy and remote manageability with vPro™ integration for the corporate client fits perfect into workstation applications, managed mini-PC’s and managed Thin-clients.

With the low power and low capacity drives for the embedded market, Intel® meets the demands from the new field of IoT applications in industrial use cases.

Wireless Modules

Wireless LAN / Bluetooth Modules

Devices with Intel® Wireless-AC-technology inside (802.11ac) offer up to three times higher data rates, a better network coverage and the possibility to connect more devices to one network, compared to other WiFi solutions.

For Intel® Wireless Docking experience, simple connect the Tri-Band Wireless-AC 17265 / 18260 / 18265 to your devices, like your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Printer, monitor etc. On the other side, put the Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100 to your WiGig docking station. Whether your device lid is open, closed, or in sleep mode, your device will automatically connect to the dock when in range and disconnect when out of range.

Intel® mobile modem solutions deliver the speed and agility to keep you intelligently connected, across town and around the world. Designed for smartphones, tablets, PCs and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Intel’s low-power modems and system on chips (SoCs) are among the industry’s most compact and cost-effective mobile solutions.
Rutronik can offer all the 2G, 3G and 4G SoC based products through our 3rd Party Module Maker Telit®.

Quark MCU

Quark Microcontrollers

The Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller is an ultra-low power Intel Architecture device that integrates an Intel® Quark processor core, Sensor Subsystem, Memory Subsystem with volatile and non-volatile storage, Pattern Matching Accelerator and I/O interfaces into a single system-on-chip solution.

Compared to its Intel-predecessor it provides significant enhancements in case of computing power, integrated memory, number of DMAs, and connectivity features.

The introduction of a flexible sensor hub based on the ARC EM4 DSP digital signal processor with floating point unit, and the unparalleled Pattern Matching Technology enable innovative use cases for a new generation of  Edge IoT.  It allows to differentiate appropriate response events and to learn through pattern recognition.

The Intel® Quark™ SE embedded pattern matching technology is based on an associative memory which can be trained on enabling subsequently to classify any data type. It maintains constant recognition time as data scales up. There is no need for an instruction set or compiler.

MAC/PHY etc.

Network Chips / Lantiq

Intel provides a broad portfolio of Ethernet devices for LANs (Local Area Networks) - industrial automation, motion control, security and factory automation applications.

In today’s network environment, service provider equipment is spread across homes, businesses, base stations, central offices, and data centers. A large number of base stations and central offices may utilize traditional network appliance equipment housed in standard proprietary chassis.

Thunderbolt™ 3 offers an unprecedented level of connection and consistency, bringing the speed and versatility of Thunderbolt™ to USB-C.

A single compact port can now do it all – connect to Thunderbolt™ devices, any display, and billions of USB devices – all while supplying power.

Thunderbolt™ 3 doubles the bandwidth of its previous model and transfers data at 8x the speed of a USB, making it unrivaled for new uses.

Plus, for the first time, you can run data, video, and power over a single cable, thin enough to fit today’s ultralight PCs.

Now, just one compact port can enable lightning fast data transfer, support two 4K UHD 60 Hz displays, 2 and even quick notebook charging. It’s the most advanced, efficient, and versatile single-docking solution available.

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