Infineon - BCR420/BCR421

The BCR420U/BCR421U provide a low-cost solution for driving 0.25W LEDs with a typical LED current of 75mA to 150mA. Internal breakdown voltage is >40V, this is the maximum voltage that the LED driver IC can sustain when connected to it directly.

The BCR420U/BCR421U can be operated at supply voltages of 40V or higher, by simply stacking a series of LEDs in front of the LED drivers, resulting in a certain voltage drop depending on the forward voltages of the LEDs, reducing the voltage at the supply pin of the driver below 40V. A digital input pin (BCR421U) allows dimming via a Microcontroller with frequencies of up to 10 kHz. A reduction of the output current at higher temperatures is the result of the negative thermal coefficient of 0.2% /K. of the LED drivers. With no need for additional external components like inductors, capacitors and free wheeling diodes, the BCR420U/BCR421U LED drivers are a cost-efficient and PCB-area saving solution for driving 0.25W LEDs.


  • Continuous output current up to 150mA with external resistor
  • Suitable for supply voltages of 40V and above
  • Low side current control, ìC compatible PWM input (BCR421U) up to 10kHz
  • Up to 1W power dissipation in a small SC74 package
  • Negative thermal coefficient reduces output current at higher temperatures
  • Easy paralleling of drivers to increase current
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package
  • Automotive qualified according AEC Q101


  • Architectural LED lighting
  • Channel letters for advertising, LED strips for decorative lighting
  • Retail lighting in fridge, freezer case and vending machines
  • Emergency lighting (e.g. steps lighting, exit way signs etc.)
  • Ship, train and aircraft interior illumination


Datasheet BCR420/421 (Datasheet, PDF)
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