ZMDI - Pink is the new Green

Enabling energy efficient solutions

ZMDI is an innovative provider of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for automotive, industrial, medical and consumer markets. We design the most energy-efficient devices to support sensing, power management, and lighting applications.

  • Global provider of energy efficient analog mixed-signal solutions
  • Over 50 years of system and applications know-how applied to every customized and standard product
  • Delivers turnkey solutions from specification to final product
  • Strategic investment in talent and state-of-the-art engineering and test facilities
  • 1st-Time Right” commitment for IC development
  • High-level modeling for system simulation
  • Proven record of service to a tier-one international customer base


Inspired by nature’s efficient systems and processes, ZMDI developes energy-efficient analog and mixed-signal solutions.:


Sensor Interface ICs:
Dragonflies quickly and accurately process multiple analog signals in demanding environments – just like the precise measurements ZMDI sensor interface products make on the fly.
more Info: Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC)
Automotive ICs:
Chameleons are hardy enough to  thrive in tough environments – just like ZMDI’s robust devices for automotive applications.
more info: analog@rutronik.com
Interface ICs:
Bees are masters of information collection and communication in complex networks without the loss of data – like ZMDI’s interface ICs in industrial automation systems.
more info: I/O-Link / AS-Interface
LED Lighting ICs:
Owls have a keen ability to utilize the night’s limited light sources. Just as ZMDI lighting solutions conserve energy.
more info: analog@rutronik.com
Battery Management ICs:
Geese demonstrate mobility with minimal energy expenditure – critical elements that ZMDI devices provide for automotive, industrial and portable medical applications.
more info: analog@rutronik.com
Smart Power Management ICs:
Pumas exhibit power and precision in a flash – so do ZMDI devices, but with minimal power consumption.
more info: analog@rutronik.com


General Information about Analog ICs:


More information about the RUTRONIK products including prices, stock and leadtime in our webgate.