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We organise seminars that equip you with both theoretical principles and practical solutions. We sift through the information overload, highlight what’s important and pass this concentrated knowledge on to you. In regular workshops on specific topics, current problems are discussed with experts from an array of companies and with representatives from the world of science.

Come and visit us on several exhibitions. We would like to talk to you about modern purchasing concepts, and also about services that you can only expect from a privately financed company. We’re talking about advice, support, secure delivery, about the entire program – put simply, we’re talking about serious benefits for you. This applies to all companies, large or small.

Title Date City Country
Funktionale Sicherheit Rutronik / Renesas RX600 und Silver Atena 18.09.2014 Frankfurt Deutschland
POWER FORTRONIC: The Italian event dedicated to power electronics 18.09.2014 Bologna Italia
Journée Technique Connectivité & Noyau temps réel sur Cortex A9 RENESAS RZ-A1 02.10.2014 Velizy France
Logistics Seminar 08.10.2014 Frankfurt Deutschland
Konferenz für ARM-Systementwicklung 08.–09.10.2014 München Deutschland
Rutronik Wireless Seminar 09.10.2014 Aix-en-Provence France
Microchip - Considerations for Embedded Internet of Things Design 10.10.2014 Online seminar
Funktionale Sicherheit Rutronik / Renesas RX600 und Silver Atena 14.10.2014 Ratingen Deutschland
New Charging Technologies 15.10.2014 Erfurt Deutschland
New Charging Technologies 22.10.2014 Ispringen Deutschland
Standard and customized Antennas 24.10.2014 Online seminar
Electronica 2014 11.11.2014 81823 München Deutschland
Microchip Wi-Fi Solutions for an Integrated Internet of Things 21.11.2014 Online seminar
Toshiba Bluetooth and TransferJet Wireless Solutions 24.11.2014 Online seminar
Toshiba Bluetooth Software and Support Environment 25.11.2014 Online seminar
BluetoothSMART modules from Fujitsu 26.11.2014 Online seminar
CEP GSM/UMTS Terminals for Professional and Industrial M2M Applications 26.11.2014 Online seminar
ANT ultra low power mash network and the connection to BluetoothSMART 27.11.2014 Online seminar
CEP Telemetry Terminals for monitoring and remote control over GSM/GPRS 27.11.2014 Online seminar
nRF51 Series SoCs Designed for flexibility and performance 01.12.2014 Online seminar

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Rutronik has organised a series of online seminars on Semiconductors, Passive and Electromechanical Components, Wireless Technologies, Displays and PC Components. In collaboration with our suppliers‘ application engineers, we will provide a one-hour online presentation on each topic. Participation is free of charge and non-binding. All that is required is a telephone and access to the internet.

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As distributors, we are the link between you and our manufacturers. The basis of trusting collaboration is that all partners know each other personally. For this reason we provide the opportunity for you to get to know us and our manufacturers better. This takes place outside normal business situations in a relaxed
atmosphere and helps to forge new bonds which could not be developed during routine company life.

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