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Extremely efficient power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics at Rutronik

Created by Sebastian Hör |   Suppliers

The STMicroelectronics MDmesh M6 high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs offer improved PFC (Power Factor Correction) and LLC efficiency especially at light load conditions for increased power density. They are available at

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Microcontroller-Configurable High-Precision Analog Front End for Sensor Signal Processing with AFE

Created by Qi Zhang, Technical Support Engineer at Rutronik |   Knowledge

With the NJU9103, NJRC has developed a new analog front end (AFE) with integrated PGA that can be used to process analog signals with a gain of G-512. By combining the NJU9103 with an STM32F429 microcontroller from STMicroelectronics, a budget sensor signal processing system can be assembled with relative ease. The arrangement works much like an oscilloscope, but can also output additional information on...

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At Rutronik: Advanced LTE Data Card for High-Speed Data Transmission by Telit


The Telit LM960A18 Mini PCIe (mPCIe) data card delivers high-speed data rates via Advanced LTE for products in network appliance environments such as routers, mobile gateways and access points. The LTE data card is available at

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Alliance Memory offers Replacement for Micron Technology SDRAMs

Created by Isabell Weinlein |   Knowledge

Alliance Memory offers replacements for the recently discontinued 8Gbit DDR3L single-die SDRAMs (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) from Micron Technology. Alliance is offering the original Micron part numbers and identical pin-for-pin drop-in replacements to secure long-term support and new designs.

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New at Rutronik: Ultra-stable GNSSDO from HKC

Created by Sebastian Hör |   Knowledge

HKC (Hong Kong X’tals) presents its GNSSDO (Global Navigation Satellite System Disciplined Oscillator) of the K-STAR series. The disciplined oscillator receives signals from satellites to generate a high-precision 1 PPS (Pulse per Second) output. It supports concurrent reception of signals from GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO. The K-STAR GNSSDO is available in a form factor of 155 x 165 x 55 mm at...

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