Trainees and DH Students

What our employees say

"I like working at Rutronik because I was able to gather international experience during my DH studies."

Danny Weiss
Warehouse logistics


Information for trainees

Good training is the best basis for a successful career. So it makes sense to seek out a company that offers you an ideally structured and conducted training scheme. With parallel further education opportunities such as language courses and additional qualifications, when your training is complete, you have the best prospects for the future - at Rutronik and anywhere in the world!

Career training

  • Wholesale, export and import merchant
  • Transport and Logistics services management
  • Marketing and communication management
  • IT specialist
  • Warehouse specialist / warehouse logistics specialist

If you have any questions please give us a call! Julia Kolem, Phone +49 (0)7231 801-1245

DH (Cooperative Education) courses

  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial engineering with business studies
  • Applied computer science
  • Information management
  • Accounting and financial control
  • Business and commerce
  • Marketing management
  • Materials management and logistics
  • BWL-Technical Management

If you have any questions please give us a call! Julia Kolem, Phone +49 (0)7231 801-1245

Lydia-Mascha’s tip

"I have chosen a leading company, because I can learn and work internationally and across departments."

Lydia-Mascha Karcher
Wholesale and foreign trade clerk

Kai-Philipp’s tip

"It was important for me that from the start I was gaining experience not only in the theory, but also in the practical aspects. Rutronik offers me an ideal combination of learning and working."

Kai-Philipp Jonas
former DH student of industrial engineering with business studies

The best prospects

With Rutronik as your employer you have wonderful career prospects. Not only because the electronics sector, unaffected by economic crisis, is undergoing one boom after another. But also because on the huge global market Rutronik is a leading force and maintains the best possible relations with its suppliers and manufacturers. With over 1,300 employees at branches all over the world, we achieve annual sales of over half a billion euros.

Interesting prospects

"Advance careers and impose challenges" is our guiding principle when it comes to our employees' personal and professional development. We invest up to 10% of your working time in professional development and training, creating the freedom to develop innovative solutions, corporate thinking and your own personal career.

Own decision-making

The varied and dynamic distribution market requires high standards of quality and of innovation. Our qualified staff, who are constantly updating their skills to meet the challenges of their job, ensure that they live up these standards. Whether working in a team or being responsible for your own decisions - at Rutronik everyone's performance counts. Find out how refreshing and motivating it is to share responsibility for shaping the future.

Long-term relationships

In these economically turbulent times a secure job is not a given, even with qualifications. However, thanks to our overall healthy growth, we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer security to our employees. After your training or your course of study, at Rutronik all doors are open to you. Some astonishing careers have started in this way.