Electronics keep the world on the move.

We keep electronics on the move.

Complex GPS navigation systems, the latest mobile radio applications and innovative computer technology. Electronics keeps our lives on the move - and Rutronik keeps electronics on the move!

Our customers - ranging from engineering design studios to global corporates - receive from us, their distribution company, a full range of electronic components that they need for the “electronic insides” of their products. We purchase directly from leading manufacturers throughout the world, and with our logistics system, are the link to industrial manufacturers in well nigh every sector.

Rutronik advises, purchases, supplies and brings together every interest. We consistently offer a complete range including innovative components - and every one of them is available throughout the world. So we are keeping the electronics world on the move.

Keep the electronics world on the move with us

We are investing in our future with lots of newly created jobs. Product marketing, sales and logistics are the three pillars of our business. However, in order to meet the increasing demands placed on us as we grow internationally, we also need to strengthen our staffing in IT, Finance and Human Resources. Now is the best moment for a change! At Rutronik you are guaranteed a career prospect that exactly suits you - whether as an apprentice, as a graduate, or as a highly-qualified professional.

Rutronik is number one for IT specialists

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According to the “Deutschland Test” survey conducted by Focus Money, IT specialists rated Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH the most attractive employer in the wholesaler category. Scoring 100 from a possible 100 points, the distributor came out on top.

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Hat trick for Rutronik


Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has won its third gold medal: After winning awards for offering “Top Career Opportunities for Engineers” and “Top Career Opportunities for Graduates” as part of the “Germany Test” studies conducted by Focus and Focus Money, the distributor has also scored top marks in the “Top Career Opportunities” study, which included employers from all categories.

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The best prospects for your career
best prospects for your career

At Rutronik you will be working in the electronics sector, unaffected by economic crisis, and which is undergoing one boom after another. And Rutronik is a leading force on the huge global market, maintaining the best possible relations with its suppliers and manufacturers.

Work-Life Balance

Getting the right balance between private life and work: it’s possible at Rutronik. We achieve work-life balance with flexible working times, together with a wide range of sporting activities and a health screening program consisting of annual checkups and preventative examinations. Part-time working at Rutronik for families with children makes it easier to organize family life, and for older workers there are attractive early retirement options with maximum financial security.

All over the world we are growing, grow with us

From a one-man business to an efficient distributor employing over 1,600 people - that is Rutronik’s impressive success story. We are expanding all over the world, and maintain many sales offices in 28 countries. In Germany alone we are represented at ten locations, quite apart from our head office in Ispringen.

Comprehensive Training Program

“Advancing careers and imposing challenges”. That is our motto - and it applies to all Rutronik staff. Since nowadays advanced knowledge is more important than ever, we have developed career development programs with comprehensive training and professional development opportunities. We also organize technical seminars to impart important product and industry knowledge. And we organize our own staff training courses. Working with you, we configure your personal coaching program to provide you with the best possible support. At Rutronik we invest ten percent of your working time in personal training and career development.

  • Seminars for future managers
  • Communications training
  • Seminars on presentation techniques
  • Series of seminars “Basics of Electrical Engineering” at the end of which participants receive their “Certified Rutronik Engineer” certificate.
  • “Basics of Electrical Engineering for Purchasers” seminar
  • Sales and Negotiation training course for sales staff.
Your locational advantage

Rutronik’s head office, located very close to the Black Forest, offers a true quality of life and work, numerous opportunities to breathe freely and recharge your batteries with enough new energy to tackle your varied working day.

With branches in all major European cities, we are close to our customers on an international and regional basis. And of course for you too! Wherever

you choose as the place where you contribute your skills, at the same time you will be in direct communication with the heart of the continent of Europe. This valuable benefit means that you will experience tremendous variety in your work. You know about the attraction of working in a pan-European company - and we support you with your choice of starting point for your new career.

Trust and cooperation

Our comprehensible, clearly organized company structure gives you many more benefits. Flat hierarchies ensure that decision-making paths are short - so decisions are implemented more efficiently. We do not lose sight of the importance of your own achievements, in fact we ensure that they are firmly recorded. Find out just how motivating it is to hold responsibility within an owner-operated company and to have a voice on how it is shaped! We place value on universal collaboration within a committed team, on networked thinking and on mutual trust. Dialog is what puts work on a personal level, creating a positive and intense connection to your own activities.