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IWIS | Mess- und Sensortechnik | Chemnitz, Germany

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The International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) is a forum for specialists to present their research results in different fields of applications of Impedance Spectroscopy and to share experiences with other attendees coming from all over the world. The workshop includes keynote lectures as well as tutorials and oral and poster sessions. In parallel an exhibition shows interesting products of important manufacturers.

The IWIS scientific part takes place on 26th-27th of September 2019. It includes four plenary lectures given by experts of Impedance Spectroscopy and includes sessions on:

  • Fundamentals of Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Material, nano composites and characterization
  • Batteries, diagnosis and battery management systems
  • Bioimpedance spectroscopy
  • Excitation signals and system design
  • Sensors based impedance spectroscopy

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